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If you are searching for high quality coffee suppliers for coffee shops, hotels, restaurants or maybe your coffee cart or coffee van then we would be very pleased to speak with you about how we may be able to help.

Exceptional quality without the price tagcoffee suppliers for coffee shops our blend

Exceptionally high quality coffee and well trained baristas should be at the heart of any coffee business, be it a cafe, a kiosk or a mobile coffee van.

There can be a lot of pomposity and pretentiousness in the coffee industry and we pride ourselves in being plain talking and matter-of-fact as well as passionate about our product. Our aim is to provide high quality coffee along with the knowledge and skills required to create outstanding drinks at a fair price.

We specialise in wholesale supply of our roasted coffee to cafes, hotels, restaurants, coffee vans and more however our coffee is available to everyone via our online shop (coming soon).

We use only the highest quality green coffee, designing and fine-tuning our blends whilst electronically mapping the roast profiles on our micro-roaster before making the roasted blends available commercially.

Preserving flavour for you and your customers

Latte-DesignOxygen is the enemy of roasted (especially ground) coffee. Just as iron rusts and an apple turns brown within minutes of slicing, oxygen reacts with roasted coffee causing it to go stale and lose the intense and complex and flavours present in the freshly roasted product.

As such all bags of our roasted whole beans and pre-ground coffee are nitrogen-flushed to reduce oxygen content to typically less than 0.5%, preserving that ‘just roasted’ freshness so that you experience our coffee in exactly the same way we do.


“It tastes fantastic, you and your customers will not be disappointed!”.

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