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One Stop Shop Coffee Franchise

A one-stop-shop for our franchise partners

As franchisors it is our job to the day-to-day operation of your business as simple and straightforward as possible and also to pass on savings achieved from the increased buying power of the network as a whole.

Purchased directly through the Really Awesome Coffee franchise

Amongst the items ordered directly through Really Awesome Coffee at discounted rates are:

  • Our signature #1 blend of roasted coffee beanscoffee shop franchise icons
  • Flavoured coffee syrups and chocolate sauce
  • Branded paper cups & lids
  • Barista tools and consumables
  • Stationery, menus, flyers and business cards
  • Branded Really Awesome Coffee work-wear

Monthly Billing

To keep it simple and assist with your business cash-flow we operate a Net Monthly Account with our franchise partners. This means that you only have one payment to make each month to cover the prior months orders and have  credit terms of between 28 and 59 days (depending on what time of the month you order).

Setting up other supplier accounts

We have close relationships with a large number of regional suppliers for sandwiches, hot food, cakes & muffins etc. and will set up accounts with you with these companies as part of your franchise preparation.

Bookkeeping & accountancy

There is a bookkeeping and annual accounts preparation & filing scheme in place for our franchise partners. It is not obligatory (you may use another accountant), however most of our franchise partners take advantage of the preferential rates and structured scheme offered by our accountants.

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Andrew’s experience

“I love the fact that I can run my own business, be my own boss and most importantly, be a father”.

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