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Solid Rear Awning

Durable and quick & easy to use with 1.5 metre extension

Our bespoke solid rear awning can be extended up to 1.5m from the rear of the coffee van, providing shade during the summer months and in the rain it provides crucial protection for you, the equipment and your customers.

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Lightweight and Durable

The awning is of entirely aluminium construction and as such is extremely light and comfortably copes with strong winds and heavy rain - never miss a days trade due to British weather!

Quick and Easy to Use

Designed for efficiency and speed of use the solid rear awning is simply pulled out and pushed back in to it's housing, taking literally a couple of  seconds to safely extend and shut away.
This speed of use was one of our main considerations during the design of the awning - taking only 1 minute to erect / open and close an awning at each coffee stop (30 seconds to erect and 30 seconds to pack away) would lose our franchise partners considerable income by making them over half an hour late for their lunchtime stops every time the weather is bad.

Keeps Customers Dry

Our awnings extend 1.5 metres from the back of the vehicle, so as providing cover for the barista they also keep your customers dry. In the heat of the summer the awning also provides handy shade improving the barista experience.

Colour-Matched Paintwork

It's not just a small range of colours you get to choose from, we colour match the rear awning paintwork to your vehicle.

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