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Unique Power System

Save Money & Maximise Storage Space

Traditionally mobile coffee installations could be either powered by a large diesel generator of could use propane cylinders to heat the espresso machine boiler, each method having benefits and also significant drawbacks.

The Best of Both Worlds

Our unique power system maintains all the positive aspects of both generator based and LPG cylinder based conversions without suffering any of the negative aspects of either system.

Our system of batteries, chargers and inverters stores enough power for a full day of silent trading with a 2-door pie heater and large 3-door display fridge running as well as the espresso machine and grinder.

What's even better is that the batteries charge whilst you are driving between coffee stops (and when the vehicle engine is idling), enabling unlimited trading without the requirement for an external power source.


Bespoke Systems to Meet Every Requirement
Safety First
Compared with Generator Based Systems
Compared with LPG Cylinder Systems

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“The team at RAC have been excellent since we first made contact. They were not at all phased by our unusual request to convert two Landrover Defenders and were instrumental in designing and setting up our new business. I would recommend them most highly to you.”.

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